A dozen people were displaced after a blaze in Dorchester Saturday that had firefighters working to deal with frozen hydrants and roaring flames — but no one was seriously hurt.

Firefighters responding to a triple-decker on Fuller Street found a fire that appeared to have started on a porch. Resident Ebony Beech said the flames were intense.

“It looked like firecrackers or something, like snow on fire,” Beech said. “When [her mother] opened the back door the pressure from the fire blew her back in the house and the flames are already massive.”

“It was very scary. I’m still shaking,” said Bridget Hebbert, Beech’s mother. “I can’t even believe it right now. to me this just seemed like a dream.”

The closest fire hydrants were frozen, officials said, but firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze, with one suffering minor injuries.

All 12 residents in the multifamily had to evacuate.

“Material things can just be replaced, but lives cannot be replaced,” Hebbert said.

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