All varsity sports at Boston University will be paused until at least next week and games scheduled for this weekend are postponed, officials announced Wednesday.

Team practices and individual training sessions will not resume until February, while men’s and women’s basketball and ice hockey programs will reschedule contests planned this weekend.

The administration cited a “rise in positive COVID-19 tests as the Boston University campus repopulates for the spring semester” as the reason behind the shift, though it did not indicate a specific number of positive cases.

“By and large, our student-athletes and staff have done a remarkable job in helping to stop the spread of this virus within their teams and our department,” BU Athletics Director Drew Marrochello said in a statement. “However, at this time, we feel that pausing all activities is a prudent decision that will better our chances of safely returning all of our teams to practice and competition in the coming weeks.”

Officials said they will decide later this week on whether to postpone additional events on the horizon.

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