WILMINGTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Diana MacGregor and her family adopted Zach when he was just a puppy and recovering from abuse.

“He knows when I’m coming home, he knows when I’m going to work,” said Diana. “He knows everything that I say to him. And I know It’s hard for people to understand, but he just knows.”

That’s why Diana said she had a feeling something wasn’t right when Zach started limping earlier this year.

“I knew something was wrong,” said Diana.

A vet discovered the pup had a torn ACL.

Diana said she immediately began searching for something to help her beloved pet and found a laser for pets that was supposed to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.

But it wasn’t cheap. The price tag on the laser ran nearly $3,000.

“Honestly I would sell my car if I had to,” said Diana. “I love my animals.”

Diana bought the laser and said she was told there would be a $300 restocking fee if she returned it. She started using the laser on Zach, but after a few weeks, it didn’t seem like the dog was getting any better.

“It just didn’t do anything for him,” said Diana.

Disappointed, Diana decided to send the laser back and that’s when she got hit with a nearly $1,000 restocking fee.

“The email that she had sent me said that there was a 30% restocking fee,” said Diana. “I said, ‘But that’s not what you told me.’”

But when the company wouldn’t budge on the higher restocking price, Diana called Solve It 7.

We reached out to the company on Diana’s behalf.

A few days later, the company reached out to Diana and said it would honor the original $300 restocking fee — saving Diana close to $700 and freeing up money she plans to use to get Zach the best canine care.

“I think that Solve It 7 is absolutely amazing,” said Diana. “You really helped me and I really appreciate it.”

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