Gov. Ned Lamont says the winter storm that was expected to drop more than a foot of snow on much of Connecticut on Monday forced the postponement of about 10,000 COVID-19 vaccinations and delayed the arrival of the weekly supply of vaccine into the state.

The governor on Monday asked that providers who were forced to cancel appointments reschedule them and extend their hours if necessary to get all those shots in arms by the end of the week.

“We’ll make up for that lost day and everybody will be caught up by Sunday,” Lamont said.

The governor said the weekly shipment of vaccines did not arrive as expected Monday afternoon. But, he said trucks delivering vaccines are exempted from a travel ban on tractor-trailers and the state is expected to get this week’s allocation of 98,000 first and second doses on Tuesday morning.

While many clinics paused operations during the storm, Lamont said he was not concerned that any of the vaccines that were thawed for use on Monday would go to waste.

“The vaccines, kept refrigerated, are good for eight to 10 days, so that’s not a problem,” he said. “And if this is three or four weeks since your first vaccination, if it gets put off a few days, don’t worry, it will still stay very effective.”

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