BOSTON (WHDH) - The Satanic Temple announced Tuesday that it is suing the City of Boston over allegations of religious discrimination after the City Council allegedly denied their request to deliver an invocation at the start of City Council meetings.

The Boston City Council permits invocations from representatives of other faiths by invitation only and TST cofounder Malcolm Jarry says that this practice ensures that only faiths approved by council members are given the opportunity to speak.

“By deciding which religious representatives may and may not speak in a public forum, the Council is openly engaging in discrimination. In fact, that is the very definition of discrimination,” he said. “Whether the City Council actively disparages Satanism or The Satanic Temple is unknown and not relevant. What is relevant is the fact that the City Council does not permit prayer from every religious organization that wishes to deliver one, and that is unconstitutional.”

TST claims that they have asked the City Council three times if they could deliver the opening invocation but those requests were reportedly denied.

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