The cold air is settling in for the day, but thankfully it’s not setting up shop for long. We’ll start turning things around already by tonight. That said, we do have a cold day in store for today. Temperatures will climb to the low teens and we’ll spend the daylight hours with wind chills below zero. The wind will back down after dinner time and wind chills will gradually climb back above zero.

So yes, it’s cold. Is it record cold? No. While our afternoon temperatures are plenty cold, and on their own would set/tie a record for coldest high, the official high for the day happened at midnight. So as far as records are concerned, today’s high will be 21° in Boston despite being around 12° this afternoon.

Either way, peak New England. It was just two years ago on this date when we set a record for the high temperature! Remember January 2020 when we had two days in the 70s?! The first was today, and January 12, 2020 was 74°. That was nice….

While it is cold tomorrow and we’ll still see a few towns with wind chills near, if not below zero tomorrow morning it’s a nice rebound in the afternoon. It will be windy, but those southwest winds will push temperatures back to the upper 30s. We’ll stay mild to close out the week with our next round of cold on the way for the weekend.

Friday we’re watching a coastal storm. Right now it looks like the bulk of the storm will remain offshore, with a few showers possible on the Cape. But it bears watching because the trend has been for this storm to move closer and closer to the coastline.

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